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Porto Free HTML template

Proto is a sleek and minimalistic Bootstrap resume template, perfect for designers looking to showcase their portfolios in a clean and professional manner. With its modern design and user-friendly layout, Proto offers an ideal platform to present your creative work. The template includes two pages: an index page, where you can provide an overview of your skills and experience, and a case study details page, where you can dive deeper into specific projects. Proto's responsive nature ensures that your resume will look great on various devices, allowing potential clients or employers to easily access and appreciate your portfolio. Utilize Proto's simplicity and customizable features to create a visually appealing and effective resume that highlights your design expertise and captivates your audience.

Porto Template features

Proto is a free, clean, and minimalist Bootstrap resume template. Proto is an ideal choice for Designers who want to showcase their portfolios in a simple and minimalistic way. Proto free HTML template comes with two pages (an index page, and a case study details page). Created by: designstub


Porto template has a fully responsive layout with valid and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. It has icon font support, retina ready design, and also performance optimized and cross Browser compatible layouts.

▪ Icons
▪ Retina ready
▪ Big header
▪ Big typography
▪ Colorful design
▪ Minimal design
▪ Responsive design
▪ Whitespace design
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Szabolcs Bakos UI/UX designer

This template is reviewed by Szabolcs Bakos. I am a freelance Web (UI/UX) designer.
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