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Material Admin Free HTML template

Bootstrapdash presents a free material admin template built on the foundation of Google Material Design. This template is meticulously crafted to enhance the development experience, offering ready-made components and a variety of UI elements that empower developers to easily shape the template according to their needs. Beyond its captivating interface, the template boasts user-friendly controls, ensuring seamless management. Material Admin template boasts a collection of components and a vibrant UI design. A conveniently placed search bar at the top facilitates swift navigation within the dashboard. Adjacent to the search option, three icons signify notifications, widgets, and additional options through an ellipsis menu. The collapsible sidebar on the left can be expanded or collapsed with a simple click. Navigate to the Forms section to discover an array of elements that simplify your tasks. This includes customizable switches, menu item selection from a list, text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons. Furthermore, the UI features encompass buttons and typography. The button designs offer variations such as Text Buttons, Raised Buttons, Unelevated Buttons (Experimental), Stroked Buttons (Experimental), and Custom Buttons (Experimental). Additionally, CSS-only buttons are available. The typography section serves as a comprehensive guide for displaying headings, titles, subheadings, paragraphs, and primary and secondary texts. The template offers distinct table styles like basic tables, hoverable tables, and striped tables, all following the principles of material design. Powered by Chart.js, Material Admin incorporates various chart types including line charts, bar charts, area charts, doughnut charts, pie charts, and scatter charts. Furthermore, four sample pages (403, 404, 500, and a blank page) are included, ready to save time and offer convenience as needed. Material Admin provides essential support for backend programming by offering a dashboard for application development. Such a comprehensive free website template proves to be a valuable asset for users seeking efficient and effective backend development solutions.

Material Admin Template features

Bootstrapdash presents a free material admin template built on the foundation of Google Material Design. Created by: bootstrapdash


Material Admin template has a fully responsive layout with valid and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. It has HTML tables formatted in CSS, well-designed Charts, smooth animations on Scroll, gallery section for photos, included Google Maps section, icon font support, pricing table section, retina ready design, sticky header on scrolling, and also performance optimized and cross Browser compatible layouts.

▪ Tables
▪ Charts
▪ Form elements
▪ Animations
▪ Gallery
▪ Google maps
▪ Icons
▪ Pricing table
▪ Retina ready
▪ Sticky header
▪ Colorful design
▪ Flat design
▪ Responsive design
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